Resurging success is fetched back by UOWD IELTS Centre this year

UOWD’s IELTS centre which underwent a significant monetary recession last year has resurrected with a progressive surplus in 2012.The cordial hard work and dexterous initiations of the to the LSC(Language Study Centre) team is an applauding factor behind this random success.
“Last year,the IELTS centres all over the world faced an economic setback.Consequently,it affected the annual targets of our IELTS centre.But,The commitment of the whole LSC team improvised the scenario and now we are on the safer side”Said Ms.Saba Ahmed,Registrar of LSC department,UOWD.
Ms.Ahmed highlighted that ‘unishop’ feature is attracting many candidates to the Centre.The formalities starting from registration to the result publishing  are done in a linear array.Online registration and pay is another exclusive attribute of the centre.On contrary,most of the IELTS centre in UAE will make the candidates to go through different locations for various activities.
“We have a zero percent error in customer service”.She added “Any query asked to the centre will be answered in 2-3 hours.Maximum time taken will be 24 hours.We have got genuinely customer friendly staff.However,we have trained them in improvising and maintaining friendly customer relations.”
LSC centre has adopted the small classrooms with minimal strength for IELTS coaching.This ratio amplifies the efficiency of the pass percentage.
According to Ms Ahmed, the results sent through SMS is also increasing the convenience of the Candidates.”If the result is positive then only the candidates need to come and collect their certificates on hand.Otherwise,they can proceed with the further improvisation” Commented Ms.Ahmed.
The computer based TOEFL  exams are also favouring success of  the all IELTS centres as a whole.As the emiratis are not computer savvies they tend to incline more to the IELTS than TOEFL.
“This year TOEFL will be beaten completely in UAE”  she affirmatively expressed her views.
Ms Ahmed who worked for more than 13 years in India is amazed by the efficient team that she has got to work with.Ironically,though the success is followed after her one year tenure in office ,she leaves the credit to all her colleagues.